There is two ways to pay for education: online and offline (by bank receipt)

1. Online

When choosing to pay for the service using a bank card you need to click the “Pay online” button on the corresponding page.

Payment is made through SBERBANK PJSC
using bank cards
of the MIR payment system

Then you have to enter your bank card details on the bank’s authorized page:
1. Card Type
2. Card Number
3. The card validity period (indicated on the front of the card)
4. Cardholder’s name (in Latin letters, exactly as indicated on the card)
5. CVC2/CVV2 code
6. Confirm your consent to pay for the service – enter a special password  

A special password is a numeric/alphanumeric sequence that uniquely identifies the customer as a Cardholder. Verification of the special password is provided by the issuing bank.

Upon receipt of a negative authorization result, the Bank sends a notification of refusal to the Electronic Payment System (hereinafter referred to as the EPS), which in turn transmits this information to the KFU and the Cardholder indicating the reasons for the refusal.

Upon receipt of a positive authorization result, the Bank transmits confirmation of the positive authorization result of the operation to the EPS. The EPS simultaneously transmits confirmation of the positive result of the authorization of the operation to the KFU and the Cardholder. After receiving confirmation of the positive result of authorization, the KFU provides a service to the Cardholder.

2.  Offline (by bank receipt)

When selecting “Pay by bank receipt” on the corresponding page, you need to click the link to the receipt and download the receipt form for payment. Payment by receipt is carried out through the bank’s cash desk.

Payment details in Russian rubles

ФГАОУ ВО «Казанский (Приволжский) федеральный университет»
420008 г. Казань ул. Кремлевская, д.18
ИНН 1655018018 КПП 165501001
р/с 40503810362020000021
к/с 30101810600000000603 
Отделение «Банк Татарстан» № 8610
г. Казань БИК 049205603

Payment details in US dollars

40503840500024900001 (Account number)
Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (Beneficiary name)
Address: 18, Kremlyovskaya str., Kazan, Russia, 420008
1655018018 (TIN)

Address: 420066 Kazan, Russian Federation, Dekabristov Street, 1

JPMorgan Chase Bank
Address: NA 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017, USA

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