The life of students of the preparatory school is not limited to attending classes: students have opportunities for playing sports and realizing their creative potential.

Learning a foreign language is unthinkable without getting to know the life and culture of the people who speak it. The staff of the preparatory school conducts a number of activities aimed at introducing students to the culture of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan. Each student enjoys the opportunity to find something for themselves to their liking.

For students of pre-bachelor’s training, the “round table” discussions are organized on various topics: from etiquette to global challenges of the 21st century.

A scientific circle unites the participants of Masters and Doctoral programs. The current state of development of science and research is being discussed there.

Many students of the preparatory school are fascinated by the Russian literature. For them, an annual contest of reciters “Living Word” is held, at which everyone can recite poems of Russian poets of the XIX-XX centuries.

Photography enthusiasts can participate in the photo contest “My Life in Kazan”, demonstrating what specifically attracted their attention in our town.

Winners of all competitions are granted with prizes and diplomas.Every year, a big concert dedicated to the New Year is being held, giving students opportunity to show their talents and get acquainted with Russian New Year traditions.