For the refund of the balance of tuition fees, the following package of documents must be submitted to the Dean’s Office of the Preparatory Faculty of KFU at 25 Kremlin Street, room 5:

APPLICATION  The original application, written in RUSSIAN by HAND
A copy of the signed training contract 
Original receipt of the tuition fee  If the receipt is in a foreign language, you should also enclose a certified translation into Russian
A copy of the passports of the Client and the Trainee, a copy of the visa (or a Russian translation of the passport certified by a translator) If a third party has paid for the trainee, a copy of the third party’s passport and a copy of the visa or passport translation must be provided, and a supplementary agreement on the substitution of the party must be concluded (at the study division of the External Relations Department)
Payer’s account details  Obligatory information in the details: personal account, bank code, bank address, name of the account holder and his address). If you have been issued with account details in a foreign language, a certified translation into Russian will be required

In case of problems with tuition fees, you should contact the Dean’s Office of the preparatory department by e-mailing

ATTENTION! The changes of residence conditions in case of expulsion:

  1. After your expulsion, the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan shortens the period of your stay on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  2. After your term of stay has been shortened, you may not stay in Russia. This means that during this period you must apply for a transit visa at the Passport and Visa Section of the Department of External Relations and leave the territory of the Russian Federation.