The students of the preparatory program take only the first steps in their research path.

In addition to lectures and practical classes in Biology, Chemistry, Physics the training program for biomedical and natural science, engineering and technology directions of studies also includes laboratory classes, which are held in specialized laboratories of the Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University. Such laboratory classes for students of the preparatory school for international students are the most important advantage of the pre-university training program at KFU.

For students of pre-bachelor’s training, the “round table” discussions are organized on various topics: from etiquette to global challenges of the 21st century. The participants can get their first experience of speaking on the subject in front of the public there.

A scientific circle unites the participants of Masters and Doctoral programs. The current state of development of science and research is being discussed there.

Some regular classes are taught in the Nikolay Lobachevsky Scientific Library, so the students can learn to work with the catalog and familiarize themselves with the facilities and rules of the library.

The training program for future graduate students includes special courses “Abstracting of scientific texts” and “Language of Philosophy”. The courses help the student to prepare for writing a dissertation. Also, teachers of the preparatory school assist students in writing research papers in Russian that is important for participation in student conferences.