Today, the Preparatory School for International Students is located in two buildings in downtown Kazan. In 2019 an extensive reconstruction was carried out in the building at 25 Kremlevskaya st. A computer room, a biology and chemistry cabinet, a language laboratory and a modern media center combining the functions of a library, a cinema hall and a space for independent work, in which numerous events are held outside the classroom, have been equipped. In this building, students of pre-master’s and post-graduate studies are trained, and classes in major disciplines are held for all students of the preparatory school.

In the building, located at 34 Levo-Bulachnaya st., the Russian language classes are taught. As well as Russian history and Russian literature classes – all for the students of pre-bachelor program. The classrooms have audio and video equipment. There is also an assembly hall in which various cultural events aimed at strengthening interethnic friendship are held. Both buildings of the preparatory school have been built in the middle of the 19th century and represent objects of historical heritage.

Also, some classes in Russian as a foreign language for the students of pre-master program are taught on the grounds of Universiade Village, where the students of the Preparatory School enjoy opportunity to live in a modern campus. There, each room for 4 people has its own small kitchen and bathroom.

The Universiade Village complex also provides opportunities for practicing various sports and active student life.

You can get from the Universiade Village to the School buildings by various means of transportation: by bus, trolleybus and subway.