sophomore, Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies, Kazan (Volga region) Federal University

1) Why did you choose Kazan Federal University?

Based on my outstanding performance in high school, I was awarded a scholarship to study in Russia. In the process of finding a suitable university in Russia, I came across a picture of Kazan Federal University and immediately fell in love with its architectural design.

2) How did you imagine your life in Russia before coming here?

This is a very interesting question. I studied in Sweden as an exchange student in high school, and as a result of this experience, I expected that my life in Russia would not be as different as in other European countries.

3) What surprised you in the real life of Russian people? What problems have you encountered in Russia?

SMILLING. Almost immediately, I noticed that Russian people do not really smile at strangers, perhaps when you live in a cold country for so long, your ability to smile often decreases. Another problem, I think, is COMMUNICATION, the Russian language is widely used even in departments that deal with foreign students. Another fun problem, I think people constantly tried to touch my HAIR.

4) What did you especially like in your study at the Preparatory School?

A lot of homework, it used to annoy me, but later I realized that we were given so much homework so that we had enough practice at home. One aspect of learning that I will always appreciate was that the teachers paid special attention to each student. The teaching methods were also exceptional, we sang songs or read poems.

5) What advice would you give to your compatriots if they decide to study at at the Preparatory School in Kazan Federal University?

The first year for most students is when they first live away from home. This means that you have a lot more freedom, but at the same time it means that you have a lot more responsibility. Because of this, here are some thoughts, many of which I would like to look back:


Do homework AND NEVER MISS CLASSES, even if you suddenly die, carry your dead body in class!!!!

Engage in social life: join clubs, join a sports club, work as a volunteer – just go out and try things. As you get older, it gets harder, no matter what people tell you. Take this time to chat with others.

6) What are your impressions of Kazan? What did you particularly like?

Kazan is similar to a ’deliciously cooked meal’, which has all the delicious seasonings. Compared to other places I visited in Russia, Kazan is calm and people here are much happier and more polite. Since I love sports so much, Kazan has all kinds of sports facilities. In addition, there are some of the best parks I have ever seen. Furthermore, since I love adventure, I have the opportunity to visit some interesting places on a boat cruise. Most importantly, Kazan has one of the best transportation systems.

7) What would you wish (what advice would you give) to future students of the Preparatory School?

Probably the first thing I want to advise is students should try to participate in the life of their institute / college / technical school.

Second, if possible, help your classmates, but do not take on too much, and also know how to refuse.

Third, try to avoid conflicts with other students.

Fourth, do not clog your head with stupid study. The senseless cramming of all objects every day will not lead you to goodness, know how to rest and relax. After all, first of all, student life is new friends and acquaintances, and a fun pastime in the hostel (if you live there of course).

8) What do you consider your main achievement in study and work?

The biggest achievement in my life as a student is the realization that books or curricula will only lead you to a certain level, but you must learn the art of learning. You have a way to explore. You learn from your experience, from your friends, from your creativity and your failures. And I believe that this ability to realize that there is an inner essence is the greatest achievement. Finally, this year I was awarded the best student for my achievements and contribution to study and sport.