China, freshman, Institute of International Relations, Kazan (Volga region) Federal University

1) How did you hear about KFU? Why did you choose this particular university?

I hold a Russian state scholarship. I was told that Kazan Federal University was one of the best universities in Russia, and Kazan is a good and interesting city. Unusual culture of Kazan appears to be interesting for me.

2) How did you imagine your life in Russia before coming here?

At first, of course, I studied a lot, studied Russian intensively. Then I was preparing for cold weather. I bought a lot of warm clothes. I asked friends who live in the north what to buy and how to get prepared.

3) What particularly surprised you in the real life of Russian people? What unusual problems did you encounter in Russia?

I was surprised that not many people speak English. Therefore, at first it was very difficult in Kazan. There was a transport problem. I lived in the south and it doesn’t snow there. But here in winter, the trolley bus often suddenly stops running. And we are constantly late for classes (but in addition to this, we are a bit lazy and want to stay in bed longer).

4) What did the training at the preparatory school give you? What did you especially like (or you remember) in your studies at preparatory school?

The study gave good experience and trained memory – especially major subjects. They have been helping me a lot so far. I have the best teacher of the Russian language: young, smart and hardworking. In fact, all my teachers are good. The classes were interesting. We studied together, discussed various issues, laughed. I really miss that time.

5) What would you advise your compatriots if they decide to study at KFU preparatory school?

This is the best period to learn Russian. Do not waste your time. Try now, then studying at university will be easier.

6) What are your impressions of Kazan? What did you especially like?

Kazan is a beautiful and hospitable city. I liked the Kaban lake. In the summer I strolled there, I was amazed. What a beautiful landscape! There are also many museums and libraries. The Kremlin is also very beautiful.

7) What would you wish to (or what advice would you give) to future students of KFU?

As Lenin said, “study, study, and study again! And of course I wish them all the best.

8) What do you consider to be your main achievement in studies and work?

In my opinion, the most important thing is that I can use language and knowledge to help people. I am a member of the students’ union and help people. I became a guide and translator. I participated in the competition in English and Russian languages ​​and earned certificates. At the fifth all-Russian students’ contest “G20: YOUTH MODEL”, I was granted the “Best Delegate 2019” title.