On May 20, 2021 results of the Olympiad in the Russian language and general subjects (Olympiad 2021) held at the preparatory department for foreign students at KFU were summarized.
The second stage of the Olympiad 2021 (May 14-15th) involved 93 international students of sub-faculties of higher education institutions of Russia. Sixteen people from Kazan, Perm and Ufa took part in the event in person.
The participants and teachers who came to Kazan for full-time participation shared their impressions of Kazan and the Olympiad with us.
Elsayed Elbialy:
“I liked everything at the Olympiad, it was the first time in my life I was in Kazan, I had only heard about this city before. But I was there a week ago and now I know how all the students study in Russia. Now if I want to study in any city, it’s not going to be difficult for me because I asked the students and they told me about their studies.
It’s all thanks to Kazan and the Olympics. And it was good for me to talk to a lot of people in Kazan, because I learned a lot of new words.
I liked the way I participated in the discussion. Of course it was difficult for us, but I think I did great because the teachers explained in detail what we should do. So it was easy for me to respond well in the competition.
We talked to each other a lot in Russian: it was new for me to speak Russian all day, and it wasn’t just one day, it was three days.
And I want to say “thank you” to my teacher, because she chose me, and I wanted to make her happy and show a great result in the Olympiad.
Jimena Beharan:
“I liked the organization of the Olympiad at KFU , the guidance from the university was excellent. Not only we were able to test our Russian language skills, but we also met new friends from different countries and got to know this beautiful city of Kazan. I really enjoyed it!”
Tatiana Vladimirovna Krugliak, Russian language teacher:
“We are very happy that we decided to take part in this event: it not only motivates students to develop and improve their speaking skills in Russian, but also gives them a chance to enter a community of like-minded people, get to know each other and share their impressions of studying in Russia.
In addition to the Russian language and major subject tests, the guests were treated to a thorough and interesting tour of the Kazan city center: everybody could enjoy the history of the Kazan University and its famous students, peculiarities of the city’s architecture, lives of Kazan’s famous residents and the history of the ancient Kremlin. The eventful first day of the Olympiad ended with a performance in the Tatar Drama and Comedy Theatre.
During the two days, the students were able not only to demonstrate their proficiency in the Russian language and their knowledge of major subjects in various fields, but also to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Russia, to see how KFU students live and study, and to meet new friends.
We would like to thank teachers and staff of the Preparatory Department of KFU for the worthy organization of the Olympiad, warm reception, and hope to see you again! “
Winners of the Russian Language Olympiad (1st, 2nd or 3rd place in 5 groups taking into consideration the time of studying Russian language) were 18 participants.
23 participants of the Russian language round were awarded in the categories:
“For active participation in the discussion” (9 people);
“For interesting questions” (7 people);
“For correctness of Russian speech” (1 person);
“For striving to win” (6 persons).
The winners of the Olympiad round on general educational subjects (1st, 2nd or 3rd place in 5 groups) were 21 participants.
By the decision of the Jury 6 participants of the first stage of the Olympiad 2021 (video clips) were additionally awarded for “The best director’s work”.
38 participants of the second round received Certificates for participation in the Olympiad.
As a reminder, the Winners of the 2021 Olympiad will be awarded Diplomas for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and presents.
The nominees of the Olympiad 2021 will be awarded Certificates of Merit.
The participants of the Olympiad 2021 will receive Certificates.
The Jury recognizes those participants of the 2021 Olympiad who are awarded more than one prize:

The absolute winners of the 2021 Olympics are:
Hamadeh Adham Ziyad (Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution “Rostov State Medical University”) 1st place in Russian language and 1st place in the subjects “Biology” and “Chemistry”;
Asomani Antvi Naomi (Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University”) 2nd place in Russian language and 2nd place in Biology and Chemistry;

Museteka Samuel (Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University) 2nd place in Russian language and 2nd place in Mathematics and Physics;
He Jiaxin (Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University) – 1st place in Russian language and 3rd place in History and Social Sciences;
Qin Xiaohan (Moscow Pedagogical State University) 2nd place in Russian language and 2nd place in history and social sciences;
Atug Alev (Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution “Moscow Pedagogical State University”) 2nd place in Russian language and 3rd place in the subjects “History” and “Social Studies”.
Participants who received several awards:
Al Mir Yehya
(FGBOU VO “Tyumen State University”) 1st place in the subjects “Mathematics” and “Physics” and nomination in Russian language;
Putra Ridho Mohamad (Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University) 1st place in History and Social Sciences and Russian Language nomination;
Nguyen Thi Thu (Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University). 3rd place in Russian language and nomination “For the best director’s work”;
Mnif Amin (Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University) 2 nominations: “For the Best Director’s Work” (video clip) and “For Active Participation in the Debate” in Russian language.

The Organizing Committee of the Olympiad 2021 congratulates all the participants and wishes them further success in getting the necessary skills and knowledge of the Russian language for their professional future.

Review of the Olympiad by Elena Hamrayeva, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Department of Pre-University Education in Russian as a Foreign Language, Moscow State Pedagogical University.