On April 16, the Preparatory school for International Students at KFU hosted the opening ceremony of student research study group the Polimirie, which was initiated by international students at KFU and supported by the Department of External Relations. In his welcoming speech, T.B. Alishev, Vice Rector for External Relations, accented that the activities of the study group would be aimed at developing the creative potential of students intented at personal development and self-realisation. The head of the study group is D.R. Sharafutdinov – candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of international relations and world politics. At the opening Denis Radievich said that international students in the framework of the activities of the group can express the position of the represented countries, their point of view on the events taking place in the world.
During the first meeting lectures were given by Mr. Latypov L.N., Advisor to the Rector on International Affairs, and Prof. Grishin Y.Y., Institute of International Relations, a student conference on “International relations during the Covid-19 pandemic” was held. There are plans to hold events with teleconferences with universities in Turkey and the United States in the near future.
The opening of “Polymirium” is a good opportunity for the students of the preparatory school to realize their potential in scientific activities. The curators of the study circles are assisting to students in their desire to engage in research activities. The science club is an excellent platform for constructive dialogue. Young representatives of various nations can voice to their opinions on various issues of international relations.