Zhang Zilin, the student of the preparatory department for foreign students of KFU (curator of the group 20-2005B Chumakova G.V.) won the first place among the students of all preparatory departments of Russia in the XVII International Olympiad of the Russian language for foreign citizens.
Olympiad was held by FSBEI VPO “Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language”.
Several competing tracks:

  1. “Russian – language of education”;
  2. “Russian – language of profession and career”;
  3. “Russian as the language of science”.
    In the future, Zhang Zilin plans to enter the A.M. Butlerov Institute of Chemistry at KFU.
    We congratulate him on his victory and wish him good luck in mastering Russian and achieving his goals in getting professional education.

The results of the Olympiad are available on the website: