The II International Scientific Conference for foreign students of the preparatory department of KFU “ODiscover the World of Science” was held on May 20, 2023 at the preparatory department for foreign students of KFU. The conference was organized by the KFU Student Research Club “Polimirie” together with the Preparatory Department for International Students of KFU and the Department of External Relations of KFU.

Section 1. Medicine

Section 2. Natural & Technical Sciences

Section 3. Information and Computer Technologies, Mathematics

Section 4. Humanities.

During more than 3 hours of the conference more than 40 foreign students of the preparatory school for foreign students of KFU, as well as students of preparatory departments of Moscow State Pedagogical University, Saratov State University of Genetics, Biotechnology and Engineering named after N.I. Vavilov, Kalmyk State University named after B.B. Gorodovikov.

The geography of the participants included most of the foreign countries. The topics of the reports in the four sections largely reflected the diversity of research topics in a variety of fields of knowledge. The lively discussions after each report showed the relevance of all stated topics, the potential for further scientific search and achievements of the listeners.

According to the results of the presentations of the participants, the experts recognized the best reports:

Section “Medicine” – Kaddashi Linda (Tunisia, KFU) “Hasouna Ben Aied – an outstanding therapist and nephrologist of Tunisia”;

Section “Natural and Technical Sciences” – Sakamea Trevor (Zambia, KFU) “Mukuka Nkoloso the race to the space: the forgotten history of Zambia”;

Section “Information and Computer Technologies, Mathematics” – Wissam Addakhi (Syria, KFU) “The power of HTML & CSS in the creation of the site;

Section “Humanities” – Zein Eddin Sameh (Syria, KFU) “Protectionism in the economic policy of Peter the Great.

At the end of the conference all participants were given memorable certificates. The authors of the best reports were awarded with diplomas and souvenirs, and all the academic experts were also awarded with letters of thanks and souvenirs.

After the completion of the conference, excursions to the IFMB Simulation Center, the Department of Genetics of the IFMB Graduate School of Biology, the ITIS Institute, and the KFU Institute of Philosophy and Mathematics were conducted for the participants of the sections.