1.Copy of your passport and a notarized translation of your passport into Russian.

Please note that your passport must be valid for at least 18 months more after the date you enter the territory of Russia.

2.Legalized educational certificate (diploma and attachment to it) and its notarized translation into Russian.

3.Photo (3x4cm).

Please note that all documents must be submitted in PDF read-only non-modifiable format! In case of a successful selection procedure (which is mainly the procedure of assessing the level of your previous education), we’ll send you the Contract for payment.

Certificate of recognition and proof of equivalence of a foreign document of education or scientific title.

Degree program candidates who wish to study in the Russian Federation must have their documents go through the procedure of recognition*.

Please Note: Documents recognized in accordance with the treaties on mutual recognition as equivalent to the corresponding Russian documents, should be accepted in the educational institutions without the recognition procedure.

The Certificate of recognition is required for enrollment in all university degree programs. Prospective students are responsible for obtaining the Certificate and covering all related expenses.

Applicants with unrecognized documentation may be enrolled in preparatory Russian courses (for perspective KFU students). In this case, the recognition procedure can be completed during preparatory course enrolment. However, please keep in mind that successful recognition is a requirement for further education in a full-degree program.

See more information for holders of foreign academic certificates

Source of information: Department of External Affairs