The preparatory school for foreign students of KFU starts a new academic year in a new digital format. During the last school year, the entire necessary framework was formed for the effective educational process organization including usage of the latest technologies. Distance learning  was successfully organized and conducted on the basis of schools in the cities of Chengdu and Yibin of the People’s Republic of China using all innovative scientific and methodological developments of the Preparatory School.

Why do I choose the KFU Preparatory School?

1. Qualified teachers of Kazan Federal University, who are extensivly experienced in foreign students teaching.

2. The educational process is organized in accordance with the educational schedule in the format of combining online training and face-to-face training with daily monitoring of the quality of students’ knowledge on the e-magazine platform.  all convenient and efficient digital platforms are used for online training (Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.). All regional specifities and time differences are taken into account.The schedule is drawn up in accordance with the time difference in distance learning process. Face-to-face groups will be formed with listeners arrival.

3. Using original video lectures of teachers of KFU Preparatory School in all disciplines.

4. Using the online courses developed by our best teachers on Stepik platform. All courses include video lectures and practical tasks which are intended to insure control of the material absorption.

5. The possibility of using a speech recognition application in listeners’ educational process to encrease effectiveness of Russian phonetics learning .There is the possibility of using online simulators in entertaining form of education as well.

6. Ability to immerse in the Russian-speaking environment. The program includes excursions to the sights of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan in offline and online forms.

7. Constant communication and consultation with the group curator.

8. Study of the Russian language as a foreign language in the volume required to continue education in Russia along with general education disciplines in accordance with the chosen future specialty of each student.

9. A wide varity of additional general education programs that take into account all levels and  propensities of education .

10. Conducting optional classes depending on the  listeners’ interests .

11. Vocational guidance meetings with KFU institutes representatives.

In general, the Preparatory School forms a full-fledged educational environment for our students where all the needs and desires of our students are taken into account.


For admission You need to:

Step 1.

 Apply on the website

You can find an application by doing the following:

1. Log in to the website “”

2. Switch language to English (in the upper right corner)

3. Admission → Applying → Online application form

Step 2.

 Pay for the contract you will receive from the e-mail copy of the signed agreement and the receipt of payment send  by reply letter to

Step 3.

Pass the Russian proficiency survey

Step 4.

After the admission order to enroll the student in the Preparatory School of KFU is issued, a group for online classes is formed. The time zone of the country where the students are located is taken into account.Groups  will be formed to continue their education in the traditional full-time format upon listeners’ arrival in Kazan.

Step 5.

The curator of the academic group contacts the student, adds to the Microsoft Teams group and gives him guidence in the educational process. the listener gets personal account password for logging into the Microsoft Teams corporate platform and starts classes in accordance with the schedule and schedule of the educational process.

Microsoft Teams is used for practical lessons, lectures and laboratory classes. Teachers use all possible multimedia materials in classes. and for the independent work of students. Upon arrival in Kazan, all students will receive developed training manuals on all subjects studied.

To achieve more effective learning video lectures, tutorials and online courses have been developed by teachers of the Preparatory School.They are used in the educational process.

Step 6.

For additional general education programs with 1 semester duration  (English and Russian-language programs) or 1.5 years (Russian-language program) online classes start on February 8, 2021.

Step 7.

 Listeners who have successfully completed  additional general education program and have passed certification are given a certificate of the established model.

Listeners who have attended an additional general education program, but have not passed the certification or received unsatisfactory results for certification receive a class attendance certificate.

Step 8

. Now you can attend to any Russian university and become one of the best students.

For more detailed information visit KFU Preparatory School website : .