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May, 2023

Round Table 

The Institute of Psychology and Education at KFU hosted a round table on “National Policies for Higher Education and Prospects for the Development of International Scientific and Educational Cooperation with

May, 2023

Conference: Discover the World of Science

The II International Scientific Conference for foreign students of the preparatory department of KFU “ODiscover the World of Science” was held on May 20, 2023 at the preparatory department for

May, 2023


Dear participants! This year we received a very large number of applications! Thank you very much for your interest to our Olympiad! Inform you about the results. Congratulations to our

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Reviews from our students

Hello, my name is Bashak Uzun. I came from Turkey, I really liked studying at the preparatory school, because I study many new subjects: the Russian literature, the history of Russia. I also met many new friends who became like my family. Therefore, I invite everyone to the city of Kazan to study here and make new friends.

Bashak Uzun

My name is Christopher Mack Quiroa, I'm from Guatemala. Before I came here, I did not know anything about where I would live, what I would do, how I would buy food. I am happy to be here and learn the history, nature and culture of Russia.

Christopher Mack Quiroa

Hello everyone, my name is Farhan Ramadan, I came from Indonesia. I never knew before about a very interesting Russia holiday - the old New Year. My friends and I celebrated this holiday, watched a concert, listened to music, had a round dance and met new people. I hope I still have a lot of interesting things ahead!

Farhan Ramadan

My name is Grace, I am from Zambia. I will study medicine at the Kazan Federal University. Currently I’m learning at the Preparatory School for international students of the Kazan federal University. Taking Russian language, biology, physics and professional communication in Russian language. My favorite subject is Russian language classes and biology, because I’m learning new words and many interesting things. I although like biology and chemistry because I like experiments. I like Kazan because it’s very peaceful, safe and beautiful.

Grace Mwula

Hello, my name is Li Danyang. Now I am a student at the preparatory school of Kazan Federal University. I study not only the Russian language, but also history, social sciences, and economics. These subjects help me not only speak Russian better, but also better understand culture. Of course, it is not enough to study Russian only in the classroom, you also need to listen and speak more Russian. Here I will study translating at the magistracy. If I achieve my goal, I will become competitive at the labor market, this is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Li Danyang

Hello, my name is Nechirvan Salih. I came here from Northern Iraq to study. I heard that Kazan University is one of the best in Russia, so I decided to enroll here. I studied at the preparatory school for 9 months, it was very interesting: my first experience in Russia, studying, getting to know good and kind people.

Nechirvan Salih

My name is Nur Zad Ahmad, I am from Afghanistan. I have already graduated from a university in my homeland with a degree in Civil Engineering. I began to study Russian 8 months ago at the preparatory school and now I speak Russian quite well. In addition, I made many new friends. Here I can get good knowledge in my specialty. I chose the city of Kazan, because Kazan is one of the largest and most advanced cities in Russia, Kazan University is one of the 10 leading universities in Russia, and the teachers here are excellent specialists.

Nur Zad Ahmad

Hello, my name is Ren Ningbo, in September I came to Kazan from China. For me, studying at the preparatory school is very interesting and useful. At the first classes in the Russian language, I did not understand everything, it was especially difficult in the classes on the history of Russia, mathematics and social studies. Every day I tried to learn new words and new grammar. Time passed quickly, and I began to get acquainted with foreign and Russian students to communicate. In addition to classes, there is a lot of interesting things at the prep-school, for example, the «round table» events, when students from different groups sit down together and discuss current issues. I think this is a very good way to make new friends and learn to speak good Russian. I really thank my teacher and curator, as she helped me a lot.

Ren Ningbo

Hello, my name is Sunbuli Khetam, I am from the Syrian Arab Republic. When I arrived in Russia, I was familiar with some Russian words. Here, teachers begin to teach students the Russian language from the letters. It was amazing to me that after a month and a half I was able to understand conversations in Russian and even participate in them. This is how we study at the prep-school: at the first semester we study Russian more, and at the second we begin to study our majors, we even have interesting work at the laboratory. In addition, the students’ concerts often take place, where all students can participate. Also there are a lot of sporting events in the sports capital of Russia: I, for example, participated in a health marathon.

Sunbuli Khetam

Hello! My name is Gesh Miatelana, I came from Congo. When I arrived in Russia, I opened a new page in my life. Of course, it was difficult to adapt to weather conditions, and life here is more expensive than at home. The next problem is language. In the first semester, it was very difficult for me to answer even a simple question. But now everything is fine, I’m used to it, I really like the city of Kazan and Kazan University, here we have everything we need for study. There are great teachers who teach us well. At the end, I want to thank you all for what you are doing for us.

Gesh Miatelana

My name is Chipego Shasokwe, I am from Zambia. Currently I’m studying at the Preparatory School for international students of the Kazan federal University. Later I’m going to study general medicine, because it always was my passion, I love to be a doctor, I love to help people. At the Preparatory faculty we have biology, physics. Chemistry, professional communication in Russian language and the Russian language. My favorite classes are Russian language classes and biology, because my teachers are very nice. If you are looking for a school in Russia I advice you to come to Kazan Federal University because is the best place. The place is peaceful, quiet, it’s beautiful to walk around, it’s so much to see, so many beautiful architecture. So even if you want to come as tourist is going to be a very good idea.

Chipego Shasokwe

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