Turkey, sophomore, Institute of Medicine, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow

1) How did you hear about KFU? Why did you choose this particular university?

When I decided to study in Russia, I found out that only 4 Russian universities occupy high positions in the world ranking of universities. One of them was Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, so I went there to study at preparatory school.

2) How did you imagine your life in Russia before coming here?

Before coming, I imagined my life in Russia well, because a lot of Russians come to my country every year to rest, and I met several of them. From them I learned more about Russia, so I thought that it would not be difficult for me to get used to a new life in another country.

3) What particularly surprised you in the real life of Russian people? What unusual problems did you encounter in Russia?

This is my third year in Russia, but it still amazes me that my mother and her child walk in winter at sub-zero temperatures. It was difficult for me to choose my own food, since I did not know the name of many dishes and have never tried them. I did not encounter problems in Russia. All the laws are like in my homeland.

4) What did the training at the preparatory school give you? What did you especially like (or you remember) in your studies at preparatory school?

Studying at preparatory school taught me to be patient, because, without knowing the language at all, we learned new sounds and words.

I especially liked our teachers. They loved us as if we were relatives, we could always call our teachers and ask for help. I think that if they did not treat us so kindly, I would’ve left Russia for my homeland.

5) What would you advise your compatriots if they decide to study at KFU preparatory school?

The main thing for all students is to endure and not drop out of school, not to be afraid to speak Russian with everyone.

6) What are your impressions of Kazan? What did you especially like?

I liked the buildings, the architecture, but most of all the people. The fact that they smiled at me was always pleasant.

7) What do you consider your main achievement in studies and work?

My main achievement is that I learned to speak Russian fluently and almost without mistakes. This allowed me to enter the Institute of medicine at RUDN University on a State scholarship.