7 days


8-10 students



Additional educational program providing language and specialized training for foreign citizens “Winter School for KFU applicants from the CIS countries”.

In January 2020, the Winter School for KFU applicants from the CIS countries will work at the Preparatory school for international students of KFU. The school will operate 7 days during the school winter holidays. The school’s programs provide an opportunity for foreign students to improve their knowledge of the Russian language, gain knowledge in special subjects in Russian, get acquainted with the history of Kazan Federal University and its institutes and departments, as well as with the unique culture and traditions of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Lectures and practical classes will be taught at the specialized institutes and departments of KFU; Museum classes with elements of activities and quests will be also taught.

Students who successfully complete the school program and have passed tests are granted Sertificates. The cost of the program is 27500 rubles (including accommodation and meals).